cabinet of curiosities

A commission for Brighton Museum, 2010

spooky shelves

flow state crazy cabinet shadows-galore buzzin

“Feral Theatre devised a fantastic show for our White Night evening in October 2010, which over 2,500 people attended. Feral took their initial brief from the young people in the Events Collective – the Royal Pavilion & Museum’s Youth Forum – and worked well with the young people to develop their ideas. They worked their ideas and suggestions into a show called ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ which addressed themes around anthropology and the colonial practice of collecting cultures for museum display. The resulting shadow puppet installation transformed the museum’s art room into a space where hundreds of children and young people stopped by to add their own curiosities to the cabinet. The Events Collective and the museum were really pleased with the quality of the result.”

Community Engagement Officer, Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

“The shadow puppets were really successful and the room was packed all night. It attracted all ages from families, there was one group all in their mid 20s group who sat down and spent ages making puppets.”

Member of the Brighton Museum Events Collective

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