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“Year 1 had a fantastic time. They really started to think about the earth beneath their feet. The discussions after you left went on beyond the fun of messy toes and imaginary creatures to show real thinking about the world we live in.”

Head of KS2, West Hove Infants School

Our workshops inspire and provoke through play, improvisation, puppetry, making, music and storytelling. Making theatre and telling stories is relevant and doable for everyone.

“Without this playing with fantasy, no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.”

Carl Jung

Working outdoors whenever possible, we create safe, comfortable environments in which participants can discover and create through play in an uninhibited, uncensored way. Appreciating and making drama has many positive effects: self-confidence; creative risk-taking; improvisation; kinaesthetic awareness; the skill of reflection; developing empathy and the ability to explore different roles.

Our workshops are appropriate for exploring most aspects of the National Curriculum. They are relevant to two of the cross-curriculum dimensions of the secondary curriculum: global dimension & sustainable development, and creativity & critical thinking. We work with each school individually to design the most suitable package for its needs.

“Play and performance with Feral Theatre meant that the students discovered for themselves what sustainability means and how it impacts on their lives and the lives of others. This made the learning considerably more powerful than anything that could have been delivered in a traditional classroom environment. I would enthusiastically recommend Feral Theatre to any organisation working with children and young people.” 

G. Robinson
Head of Humanities, South Camden Community School

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

Feral workshops and activities are tailored to the educational requirements of different learners. We have worked extensively with learners with a range of conditions ranging from autism and dyspraxia to PMLD. We are able to offer therapeutic pathways through our work with participants with emotional, behavioural and developmental difficulties.

“Feral Theatre has a wonderful child-centred approach – which is delivered with an intricate balance of allowing the student to explore and learn at their own pace – whilst offering real enthusiasm and encouragement to always push for a little more.”

Parent of autistic learner

Education for Sustainable Development 

Creativity and sustainability are closely linked. Creative thinking helps equip us with the flexibility and diversity of approaches so necessary a world of increasingly complex ecological and societal problems. Education for sustainable development can mean learning about important topics like climate change; we believe that how we learn, think, play, improvise and listen is just as important.

“[We] are being swept along on an avalanche of innovations in science, technology and social thought. To keep pace with these changes, or to get ahead of them, we will need all our wits about us – literally. We must learn to be creative.”  

Sir Ken Robinson

Please contact info@feraltheatre.co.uk or 07960 794408 to discuss packages and prices.

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