wolfish tales

Haunted House Day: Wolfish Tales at Preston Manor, October 30th 2011

Wolfish Tales was an immersive, site specific piece commissioned by Brighton and Hove City Council especially for Halloween 2011. Audiences travelled with Feral Theatre on a journey around darkened rooms, meeting characters of the two and four-legged varieties, and listening as their shadowy truths unfolded. Borrowing liberally – but not literally – from the Manor’s historical stories, we used shadow puppetry and dynamic ensemble storytelling to bring the Manor to life with a mysterious, playful and occasionally shocking promenade experience.

A collaboration with Brighton and Hove City Council.

All photos by Abi Horn.



She ran wild. Brought up by the dog.

civilisedChildren must become civilized, whatever it takes.

mad jack

Never trust a man whose eyebrows join in the middle.

o to be that free again

This place used to be thick forest. Sometimes children got lost.

an axe under her pillowShe put on her frilly nightgown and tucked an axe under her pillow.

flor the forestBirds flew in and out through the holes in the castle roof.


eartrumpet-lo-resSpirits, speak to me! For I am a gifted contact medium.


womanwolfbones-lo-resEntwined – the bones of a woman and a wolf!

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