Lost Species Day 2020 online gathering

The Lost Species Day 2020 online gathering explored the question: How can remembrance practices for extinct species address systemic injustice? Its aim was for participants to spend time learning together, building connections and moving forward in clear and energised ways that embed anti-racism in all Lost Species Day activities from thereon. Feral Theatre, with Beckie Leach and Maddy Kelly, and supported by ONCA, curated and organised a vibrant programme exploring how ecological remembrance can or does contribute to and strengthen the intersectional environmental movement.

On Friday night, climate justice creative educator Suzanne Dhaliwal chaired a highly thought provoking conversation between academics Sadiah Qureshi and Audra Mitchell, both of whom work on challenging and shifting the dominant language, rhetoric and narratives around extinction.

On Sunday, contemporary performance artists and ritualists discussed their practice in relation to loss, ecological cycles, deep listening and embodiment of the more than human, before co-hosting a ritual online for Lost Species Day. The talks were recorded but the ritual was not. The practitioners were celebrant Monica Douglas, deep listening practitioner Beckie Leach, show-woman Marisa Carnesky, contemporary artist Marcus Coates and multidisciplinary psychic worker Bea Xu, and the conversation was hosted by drama therapist Rachel Porter.